Why Frosch Learning?

Why should you use Frosch Learning?


Frosch Learning has a proven track record in delivering results in almost every industry sector.

Our training works because we work in partnership with our Clients- understanding the company, understanding the sales training requirements, adding our experiences and training and coaching accordingly. Our implementation methods mean that training turns into visible results so that you see your return on investment.

Our highly trained consultants and trainers have unmatched expertise in a wide variety of sectors. Our approach to helping people learn and change has been developed based on 20 years of inspired development.

What that means for you is a guarantee that our training not only keeps up with current times, but also that we will be able to teach and inspire YOUR people, and deliver training that promises to be specific and relevant to you.

“It’s about learning, not just being taught”

“Exciting, enjoyable, active workshops”

“Challenging, stretching and uncomfortable at times”

“They inspire change and personal growth”

“Develops an attitude where improvements can always be made”

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Developing leaders through leadership training programs

Why we’re called Frosch Learning


Professor Charles Handy tells of the plight of the Frog.

If it is put into cold water which is gently heated to boiling point, the Frog will not notice the change of temperature until it is too late and will be boiled to death.

Companies are often the same. They do not notice the accumulation of changes that are occurring around them until it is too late.

Frosch is the German word for Frog – and Frosch Learning shows companies how to learn from the story of the Frog.

  • To understand what changes have occurred and how to react to them.
  • To become a “learning organisation” so that at all times the company is watching for change and is making adjustments to deal with the change.

Unlike the frog, Frosch helps its clients react before it is too late.

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