Time Management

Intense Time Management Training

Time Management

Who is the Training For?

Training is for all those who are not coping with their role and responsibilities.

What does the Training do?

Time Management Training improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the individual.

Pre Training Review

Frosch Learning would carry out sessions with elected sponsors to understand exactly where training is required. Each person will also complete Personal Time Logs prior to training.

Content of Training

  • Reviewing Personal Time Logs
  • 168 hours a week with an instant sell by date!
  • The options to improve time management
  • Prioritising effectively- importance/ urgency
  • Planning the work/ working the plan
  • Backward planning
  • Using the best times of the day for the most important tasks
  • If I had more time I would…
  • Work Pressures
  • Opportunities for delegation
  • Planning our time for the next 3 months

Post Training review

Each participant will come away with an action plan for him/herself. Frosch Learning will then return to your workplace to conduct an in-depth, post implementation review meeting eight to twelve weeks after the programme to ensure positive change is being implemented.


By the end of the programme, each participant will:

  • Be able to manage their time more effectively
  • Spend the time they should on the important tasks rather than the urgent non-important
  • Be enjoying their work more

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