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Duration: 2 days

We all know Exhibitions are a great opportunity to win more business. However, we also know that they can be extremely time-consuming and potentially very costly if your Sales Teams are not maximising every opportunity presented to them.

Who is this training for?

The Exhibition Training Course is for all people who will be manning the exhibition stand, designed to significantly increase sales at any promotional event.

What does the training do?

Frosch Learning has developed an unrivalled Open Training Course on Selling at Exhibitions, to ensure that results are maximised throughout each stage of your exhibition sales process. This Event Sales Training Course not only covers how to sell successfully from the exhibition stand, but also how best to prepare for and follow up on events in order to maximise lead conversion.

Content of training

During the Open Event Sales Training Course, each participant will be trained on three key areas to improve sales results:

Prior To The Exhibition

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

  • Past Experience
  • Expected Visitor Profile
  • Using Targets as a Motivator

Selling On The Stand

“It’s not about having the best or biggest stand, it’s about creating the bustle and the buzz”

  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Positioning and Profiling Passers-by
  • Five Steps to Successfully Sell from the Exhibition Stand
  • What to ask, what to tell
  • Skills to get your message across quickly and effectively
  • Handling Objections
  • Gaining Commitment

Follow Up

“Keeping ahead of your competition”

  • Documenting Productivity and Follow Up
  • How to Successfully Follow Up Warm Leads

Post training review

Following the Training Programme, Frosch Learning will return to ensure positive change. This will include a detailed review and coaching session.


By the end of the session, each participant will:

  • Clearly understand how to build and use knowledge on customer profiles, stand position and traffic flow to maximum effect
  • Have gained a full understanding of what they can do to improve their results whilst selling on the stand
  • Be able to identify needs and wants quickly and effectively
  • Know how to get the key messages across in the shortest possible time
  • Have developed their ability to build the best counter arguments
  • Have improved methods of gaining commitment from the Customer
  • Be able to follow up prospects to maximum effect after the event

Each participant will leave with a clear understanding of the changes they need to make that will create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

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