All businesses rely on successful salespeople in their mission to send products or services in the direction of customers. However, particular skills are necessary for excelling in sales. If you are considering becoming a salesperson, look over the following list of skills to assess which of them you currently have and which of them you could benefit from developing.

Unfaltering self-confidence

With over a decade of sales experience, small business owner Wendy Connick has insisted for The Balance: “This is the absolutely most important skill a salesperson can cultivate.” There’s a good reason for that: persistence can underpin your success with all of the other skills mentioned in this article. Should you have those skills but abandon your efforts the first time a potential customer says “no”, you won’t even get the opportunity to use those skills.

Good listening

It’s common for a salesperson to be a natural talker – and you can build upon your communicative abilities when you take up presentation skills training available from Frosch Learning. We offer open and in-house courses.

However, you shouldn’t overlook the need to occasionally stop and listen to what your prospect has to say. By remembering to, from time to time, question this person and listen to their answers, you will show them respect and also get a better idea of what they want from you.


Take heed of the old mantra that “features tell, benefits sell”. In other words, don’t just tell people that your food delivery company offers a smartphone app; also explain how that app can be used to quickly order food in a pinch. Persuasiveness can help you to communicate all of this to the customer and make them feel how much the product or service would enhance their life.

Building strong relationships

This is obviously a crucial skill for a salesperson’s personal life, but it’s just as vital for their business life. By building and maintaining good relationships, you can develop a strong network that can help you reach many more people than would have been possible had you remained on your own.

So, if you want to reach an influential figure at a particular firm but don’t know any of its employees, you could turn to your network. That network could include someone who, through several degrees of separation, can reach someone else who knows the contact details you need.


No matter how good a salesperson you are, you can still find ways to improve. If you have an inner drive to better yourself, that can lead you to take up opportunities to further refine already sophisticated skills that you have. And, in doing this, you can keep your sales performance from plummeting like it might do were you to resist regularly utilising such opportunities.


In a Business News Daily article, Coco Quillen, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions vice president of operations, says that, for closing sales, nurturing and following up on leads and taking calls and emails from potential leads, “a great multitasker can keep everything sorted.”