If you feel that you have much to learn in the area of sales, you could be very excited by the idea of utilising a shortcut in your learning by taking advice from sales training experts. Fortunately, many of the world’s most reputable sales training firms have staff who are happy to impart their specialist know-how. Here are some of the most worthwhile sales training tips you may ever read.

Don’t spend too much time with unpromising prospects

As a salesperson, your objective shouldn’t be to get business from every single prospect you meet, but instead, find the best prospects and then spend much of your time on them.

Mike Machalowicz has provided a description of “the 80/20 rule” on the American Express website’s OPEN Forum. He notes that the greatest salespeople are aware of this rule, “where 80% of their commission comes from 20% of their clients. So they pay a lot of attention to their best clients.”

Consider the client’s emerging and future needs

The late former Apple CEO Steve Jobs once commented, as quoted by The Guardian: “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

So, how are you supposed to discern what your clients really want? By conducting as much research as possible about that client. Through doing this, you could find issues that your client might have in the future – when you could also present them with just what they need to solve the problem.

Don’t be afraid of your clients saying “no”

Believe it or not, repeatedly hearing “no” from a client can actually work out well for you in the long run. If they instead repeatedly uttered “yes”, that word could be diluted in significance – to the extent that the client doesn’t end up sticking for very long with what they have said “yes” to.

However, should a client reply to you in the affirmative only after rejecting several other options you put to them, they are unlikely to change their mind, as they should be confident about their choice.

Think long-term when pitching to enterprise customers

Closing sales to enterprise customers can be tricky; however, Steve Anderson has revealed on the HuffPost site that devising a long-term strategy is key to overcoming this difficulty.

He advises that, if you are aiming to sell to a particular enterprise customer, you should first get in touch with sponsors and supporters of the client’s company, as these people will know about the firm’s unique value and be content to discuss it with you.

Take an especially personal approach to enterprise customers

Irene Backer acknowledges that, if your company is small, you could struggle to sell to enterprise buyers, as they are generally risk-adverse and so likelier to buy from bigger companies. However, she says that you can still tell the client about the more personal touch your firm could provide. Taking sales courses that we offer can help you further build on your promotional plan here.