You might have long been under the impression that leadership training is only necessary when you have workers in your organisation who you wish to prepare for leadership roles.

However, if you currently hold a leadership role at your company, or even if you don’t, you might have overlooked the merits of investing in leadership training for yourself.

Develop a “promote-from-within” culture

If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you are already tasked with the arrangement of regular training for your company’s employees.

It’s a great idea to equip your workers with leadership training / skills, even if not all of them will ever take on leadership roles. After all, simply by developing a “promote-from-within” culture, you can improve your company’s appeal to potential future employees.

As Marty Fukuda, Chief Operating Officer of N2 Publishing, explains in an article for the Entrepreneur website, your current team are likely to be more motivated if they believe that there is potential for them to rise up your company’s ranks. Another reason for leadership training is that the up-and-coming generation of leaders will be both prepared for leading and exactly the kind of leaders that your organisation needs.

You can better prepare ahead of time

With the help of both open courses and in-house training from our team here at Frosch Learning, there are plenty of great reasons to make use of leadership training for you, too. After all, while you might already be in a leadership position, you will almost certainly still have the potential to become a more effective leader and even further ascend the ranks at your firm.

Even if you are never promoted, further refining your leadership skills could help you and your business to better handle the challenges ahead. Fukuda notes that the right training programme can help in mentally strengthening a trainee for meeting a range of tests, including handling adversity, unforeseen obstacles and losses.

You could more easily cope with an unexpected promotion

Imagine a situation where your company has had to promote you to a leadership role earlier than they had originally intended. They may feel a considerable urgency to arrange leadership training for you; however, with proceedings moving so speedily, you might simply lack the time to take on such training. So, why not pre-empt such a situation by investing in leadership training for yourself right now?

Of course, it would be ideal to never end up in such an awkward “make-do” scenario. However, business, like life itself, can be unpredictable. Therefore, by undertaking your own leadership training at a time when the chances of getting promoted may seem remote, you can follow that training at your own pace and thoroughly soak up the advice that your tutor provides.

Furthermore, making mistakes and learning from them during training is infinitely preferable to real-world blunders, which could prove much more costly to everyone involved in your business.

The fact that according to a study cited by Training magazine, more than one-third of surveyed organisations still consider their leadership development practices to be below average or poor should further alert to you the importance of investing in your own leadership training.

So, why not get in touch with the Frosch Learning team today to talk through your requirements with us in greater detail?